Human performance
Companies depend solely on the quality of their employees to provide the vision, innovation, and technical excellence they need for competitive advantage. Good human resource management is required to attract, motivate and retain the people that companies need for success. The Services Brainstorm Management Consultants Ltd can provide change Management programmes triggered as a result of merger or acquisition, entry into new markets, relocation, and change of business strategy, management style, or organization culture. Our services include:

  • Advising on remuneration packages
  • Conducting salary surveys, tailored to organizational requirements, and
  • Designing and implementing job evaluation schemes using a computer based approach.
Investing in People to Manage Change
Harnessing the enterprise of vital human resources creates competitive advantage, wealth and growth. Through our consultant team, we facilitate people development and encourage the adoption of creative problem solving strategies that is informed by our expertise, diversity of career experiences and a thorough understanding of global business.
Information Systems Consultancy
In the modern world, information is a key resource and source of competitive advantage in any industry. It can also prove to be that critical difference between success and outright failure. At Brainstorm Management Consultants, we employ experienced ICT professionals to design, build
and install your network. In addition, we provide a range of products and services, including hardware, software, installation, training and support to make sure that the network you get is the right one for you, and that it works. Among our structured solutions include:

  • Systems analysis / Design
  • Structured prototyping
  • Evolutionary systems and management
  • Strategic Business / Information systems planning
Management Consultancy
Successful companies of the future will be those that integrate business and employee personal values, think ahead of their customers and continually adapt to change. That, in a few words, means continuous Professional Development. We are dedicated to providing innovative and cutting edge employee development programmes on all the key areas of business, delivered by a top-notch team of seasoned business professionals and academics. Among our most popular offerings in this area include:

  • Strategic business planning
  • Value chain analysis
  • Financial planning & management/ Budgeting and auditing
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Quality management systems
  • Change management
  • Talent management
  • Succession planning
  • Performance management, including performance contracting, and
  • Customer service

Training & Development Programmes

In the 21 st century, knowledge is one of the foremost skills. This knowledge is made of diverse and highly versatile hard and soft skills. Such dynamism calls for the adoption of a learning culture that is characterized by creativity and innovation. Brainstorm Management Consultants Ltd designs training and development initiatives for staff at all levels, including:

  • undertaking training needs analysis
  • developing training programmes
  • designing and delivering training courses for managers and executives
  • developing succession planning systems
  • Designing and implementing performance appraisal schemes
Reward Strategies
Demand for highly skilled staff far outstrips supply. Implementing effective reward strategies is a key issue in every company for, as we say, retention is better than recruitment. Attracting key human resources, developing them to a fine edge, motivating them for peak performance and retaining them over their productive lifespan are matters upon which the success or failure of a business may be decided. Brainstorm Management Consultants Ltd can assist your organization to develop new effective reward systems for the organization.
Human Resources Policies
Any organized human effort would benefit from clear and memorable policies and guidelines. For business, coherent and legally-compliant human resources policies are a key adjunct to competitiveness and success. In that regard, we can:

  • undertake a top level review of the human resources function
  • help develop policies, procedures and systems
  • develop a strategy for attracting and retaining staff
  • advise and assist with the implementation of computerized human resource and enterprise
    information systems.
Executive Development Training
We provide Executive education programmes focusing on the most topical issues that most middle managers and supervisory employees would face in any organization. Out trainings are delivered by qualified and experienced experts at the forefront of their specialist areas with limited delegate attendance to encourage lively discussion and full delegate participation. We can help you get the best from your new employees and newly promoted managers faster through targeted training.
In-House Executive Development Programmes
In-house programmes can be customized to the needs of an individual organization. These follow from close consultation with the client organization to understand its strategy and culture and analysis of its needs and challenges. Programme content, delivery styles, location, timing, duration, course materials and programme facilitators can be varied to suit clients’ needs.Alternatively, we also allow the client to make a personal order. You may give us specifications of the kind of intervention needed, and we can design a relevant training programme. In-house programmes offer additional benefits, including participation of a greater number of targeted employees, reduced cost, and availability for emergencies that open courses may not supply.
Yearly Programmes
With a keen eye for the perennial and emerging challenges as well as the dynamism of the workplace and the competitive landscape, we develop annual training programmes that seek to help our clients maximize their potential for performance. Our programmes are highly participatory, and we deliberately limit the group size to maximize group learning and interactivity. This is supplemented by judicious use of carefully selected case studies case studies, group discussions and experimental methods to enhance and develop the competencies of the participants.Our main objective in all training events is to support the participants in their acquisition of the necessary competence to be able to achieve realistic goals and objectives. Our organization-specific programmes focus on the needs of the organization and its strategic aims. They are a very powerful form of learning and are particularly suited for an organizational change management.
The Future
Brainstorm Management Consultants has already incorporated a training institute, which will assist us to offer structured longer term training to corporate and individual customers. It will have diverse departments, including management and IT, complete with state-of-the-art training rooms and other facilities. The Institute will also act as a center for research and dissemination of the latest and proven management principles and their practices. The Institute is slated to start 2019.