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Primarily, auditing is concerned with the expression of opinion on the financial statements of the enterprise that whether the financial statements represent a true and fair view of the affairs of the enterprise. We shall offer a wide range of auditing & assurance services that are highly accurate and reliable. These services give UN an opportunity to improve financial stability and enhance the effectiveness of decision making.

We shall offer the following

  • Assurance Auditing Services
  • Statutory Auditing Services
  • Limited Scope Reviews and Internal Auditing Services
  • Business Auditing Services
  • Pre-Audit Compilations and Tax Auditing Services
  • Audit under the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) rules
  • Approaches to the regulation of auditing practice, in particular legal rules and professional guidelines
  • Identification of key areas of audits and assurance services
  • Specific audit techniques, such as observation, directional testing, cut-off tests, third-party confirmations
  • The application of techniques in the context of the main revenue and cost activities of the organization
  • Assessment of errors and weaknesses
  • Documenting the audit or assurance service, preparation and review of working papers.
  • Identify why external audits and other types of assurance services are conducted
  • Identify the duties of auditors, other assurance providers and how these have changed over time and their impact
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