Brainstorm Management Consultants Ltd a registered company in Kenya. The company is a well-established outfit with a network of branches within Kenya and its presence is maintained through head office in Nairobi, while other branches are in Mombasa and one up-coming in Kisumu. Brainstorm Management Consultants Ltd is a company specialized in the provision of a wide range of Management Consultancy, Management Trainings, Recruitment & Selection, Research and Development services to corporate organizations, Private, Non Profit making organization and some of UN Agencies outside Kenya i.e. in Central Africa Republic, DRC, Sudan, Liberia, South Sudan and Uganda.

Our reputation is founded on the ability to deliver services based on clients’ needs and any time, we strive to provide an effective and efficient service that benefits the users that provide our clients with quality services, information and present our company in an honest and trustworthy manner at all the times and to continuously exceed our clients; increasing expectations. Further information to buttress our commitment is contained in the company’s website, which we now invite you to peruse with pleasure.

Our team looks forward to working side by side with your organization on every aspect a project that we may be given to undertake, from work planning to solution development and implementation. That level of collaboration is the key to our success. Brainstorm Management Consultants are committed to be professional firms that consistently exceed organizations expectations. To achieve this goal requires an organization to commit and dedicate its resources to professional quality and service excellence.

We at Brainstorm Management Consultants recognize that we must consistently exhibit this in the work we perform on behalf of our clients. Our professionals are experienced and can deliver to the needs of the organization that requires our services to enable our clients achieve the goals they have established and develop them to meet their organizations mission.

We see our role as one of the organizations that have dedicated resource personnel with relevant skills in Improving Quality and Management Development that is being required in the 21st Century. We provide services focusing on the most topical issues on new development to all institutions. Our services are tailored to an individual institutional need with close consultation on their institutions to understand their needs they have to help them implement solution.

As Human Resources continue to take center stage in the search for performance development and productivity, Brainstorm Management Consultants Ltd. continues to focus on practical techniques and skills based trainings that can assist different institutions utilize their resources more effectively and efficiently. Our main aim is therefore to improve quality and performance that may help organizations and their staffs have a well designed management toolkit that may improve competency in the 21st century.

The combination of new technology and various business, financial and social factors has wrought far reaching changes in established working practices. The relaxation of traditional demarcation lines has encouraged an increase in multi- and cross skilling. Total Quality Management (TQM) means empowering workers rather than controlling them. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) introduces a pro-active stance towards many aspects of production, involving staff.
Successful companies recognize that these changes cannot be effectively implemented without training. Through measured results, clients over the past decade know that training costs are quickly recovered through increased productivity, more effective use of time and a consistently better quality product or service.
Customer relationship
At Brainstorm Management Consultants, our credo is to delight the client, and we routinely exceed the expectations of even the most demanding client. That is because we are clear about our role, which is to help client organizations to improve their systems and processes, and the vital human resource capacity that drives them. We realize that each institution and challenge is unique, and thus we work closely with client contact persons to develop and implement a tailor made solution
that works.
Our experienceWe have gained valuable experience by consulting for diverse clients, including the private and public sectors, parastatals and statutory agencies, not-for-profits, and international bodies, including the UN System. We simply believe that an excellent job is a lot more satisfying than mediocre work.